Kiln Dried Wood

Inventory changes regularly.

We maintain an inventory of well over 60,000 board feet of rough sawn kiln-dried lumber.

For quantities in stock, please call ahead.


Is there a variety of wood that you need, but don’t see listed?

Please let us know, and we’ll try to accommodate your request!


Large selection of LIVE EDGE SLABS, even Butternut!

4/4 Prime Poplar only $3.50 per board foot

Sawmill Outs $.40 per board foot

300 Board foot of 4/4 Quarter Sawed White Oak  only $6.00 per board foot

4/4 #1 Common White Oak only $4.50 per board foot

300 Board foot of 1/4 Sawed Maple only $6.00 per board foot

500 ft of 4/4 low grade Walnut NOW only $4.00 per board foot

600 Board foot of heavy Ambrosia Maple with extreme flames, $4.00 per board foot

600 board foot of 1/4 sawed Sycamore $4.00 per board foot

300 board foot of Honey Locust  sold out

4/4 Prime Walnut only $7.00 per board foot (NEW LOWER PRICE!)

8/4 and 4/4 Sapele lumber only $9.00 per board foot

Mantles $250.00 each

4/4 LUMBER FOR SALE Available while supplies last!

Grey Elm Only $3.50 per board foot

Jatoba {Brazillian Cherry}  CURRENTLY SOLD OUT, available upon request for $9.00 per board foot

500 board feet of Ambrosia Maple CURRENTLY SOLD OUT

400 Board foot of Spalted Maple CURRENTLY SOLD OUT


4/4 Kentucky Coffee wood CURRENTLY SOLD OUT

Ambrosia Soft Maple
Aromatic Cedar
Curly Cherry
Curly Soft Maple
Hard Maple
Honey Locust
#2 Common-Grade Red Oak
#2 Common-Grade White Oak
Flat-Sawn Pin Oak
Flat-Sawn Red Oak
Flat-Sawn White Oak
1” Poplar
Quarter-Sawn Pin
Quarter-Sawn Red Oak
Quarter-Sawn Sycamore
Quarter-Sawn White Oak
Soft Maple
Spalted Soft Maple
White Ash

Our kiln dried hardwoods often include the following:
FAS (#1 grade) Walnut
(#2 grade) Walnut
(#3 grade) Walnut

FAS (#1 grade) Cherry
(#2 grade) Cherry
(#3 grade) Cherry