Kiln Dried Wood

Inventory changes regularly.

We maintain an inventory of well over 60,000 board feet of rough sawn kiln-dried lumber.

For quantities in stock, please call ahead.


Is there a variety of wood that you need, but don’t see listed?

Please let us know, and we’ll try to accommodate your request!


Large selection of LIVE EDGE SLABS (great for Christmas gifts!)

Sawmill Outs $.40 per board foot

300 Board foot of 4/4 Quarter Sawed White Oak  only $6.00 per board foot

400 Board foot of Spalted Maple only $7.00 per board foot

300 Board foot of 1/4 Sawed Maple only $6.00 per board foot

500 ft of 4/4 low grade Walnut $5.00 per board foot

Jatoba {Brazillian Cherry}  Currently sold out, available upon request for $9.00 per board foot

600 Board foot of heavy Ambrosia Maple with extreme flames, $4.00 per board foot

600 board foot of 1/4 sawed Sycamore $4.00 per board foot

300 board foot of Honey Locust  sold out

4/4 Prime Walnut only $9.00 per board foot

8/4 and 4/4 Sapele lumber only $9.00 per board foot

Red Elm only $5.00 per board foot

4/4 Kentucky Coffee wood CURRENTLY SOLD OUT

Mantles $250.00 each

#2 Grade Walnut at $5.00 per board foot while supplies last

Available while supplies last!

Grey Elm Only $3.50 per board foot

500 board feet of Ambrosia Maple only $3.50 per board foot

Ambrosia Soft Maple
Aromatic Cedar
Curly Cherry
Curly Soft Maple
Hard Maple
Honey Locust
#2 Common-Grade Red Oak
#2 Common-Grade White Oak
Flat-Sawn Pin Oak
Flat-Sawn Red Oak
Flat-Sawn White Oak
1” Poplar
Quarter-Sawn Pin
Quarter-Sawn Red Oak
Quarter-Sawn Sycamore
Quarter-Sawn White Oak
Soft Maple
Spalted Soft Maple
White Ash

Our kiln dried hardwoods often include the following:
FAS (#1 grade) Walnut
(#2 grade) Walnut
(#3 grade) Walnut

FAS (#1 grade) Cherry
(#2 grade) Cherry
(#3 grade) Cherry